Agricultural, Food and Environmental law

The research of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Law principally focuses on three main fields, wich are also the subjects, each year, of Workshops and Seminars with italian and foreigner professors and speakers:

  • Agro-environmental Law: Sustainability, Climate change, Bioenergy, Environmental liability, Agrarian landscape, Water, Areas designated for nature protection purposes.
  • Agri-food Law: Food security/ Food safety, International food and Agricultural trade Policies, Liability in the food production, Islamic food law.
  • Land Law and Rural Development: Agricultural legislation in the mediterranean Countries and in the Latin-American Countries.

The main Projects and Cooperations concern:

  • Energy issues between food crisis and sustainable development. Rules and opportunities for farmers.
  • The food planning of the Pisa’s Province.
  • Cooperation with Cuban agricultural Ministry for the reform of agricultural law.
  • The palestinian reform of agricultural law: drafting of a proposal.
  • The juridical qualification of marble by-products
  • Juridical qualification of water as a food.